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Our Specially Designed RFC Machine are based on Latest Design & Technology used for Bottling of Pet bottles with Maximum Automation.


Features Of Rinsing Filling & Capping Machine.

  • The machine is fully neck-run and infeed is by air conveyor.
  • There are only two change parts namely the capper star wheel and infeed star wheel,
  • and resetting machine to different size of bottle will take only 30 minutes.
  • There is no height setting requirement during changeover.
  • The complete R.F.C is enclosed in transparent plastic and stainless steel guard cover
  • without any rubber gaskets. This ensures there is no bacterial growth in the crevices.
  • The electrical panel is IP 55 grade and has user-friendly mimic panel. Mimic diagram  
  • with red, green, yellow LED indicates machine status, safety indication and normal
  • operation. Merely by monitoring the LED indications, operator can diagnise the fault
  • condition.
  • There is central lubrication system, which supplies to all vital components. Also manual
  • grease points located in easy to access centralized grease banks.
  • The entire R.F.C machine is constructed in stainless steel above the table top leve
  • Speed Available from 30 BPM to 600 BPM. 6 Fillng Nozzles to 100 Filling Nozzles.


The rinser washing nozzles work under positive pump pressure of de-mineralized water, but can also be designed to use ozonized air or a cleaning agent. The bottle is inverted 180° in the rinser to ensure that the cleaning agent is drained before reaching the filler. 

  • The rinser has a No Bottle-No rinse arrangement which prevents wastage of water.
  • The important feature on the R.F.C. is water saving, one can recover 90% of rinse water
  •    by collecting in a dump tank and recycle it by sending to the raw water storage tank.
  • There is no chance for contamination by oil, grease and other contaminants from the  
  •    machine as the rinse water is at all times passed through and is in contact only with
  •    stainless steel components, this includes the rinse water after use.
  • The rinser has minimal water wastage and recycles rinse water but ensures a high level of cleaning and so is a economical and eco-friendly machine.


The Filling valves work on the gravity principle, the water is supplied to the filling tank by a centrifugal pump, and the water level in the tank is controlled. The bottles are raised to the filling nozzle by positive lift cylinder, if the bottle is not delivered the valve does not open. The water will be filled to pre set level and the bottle is lowered.


The lift cylinders operate on positive cam lift-off principle and do not use compressed air or spring load. Lift cylinder cam is made of stainless steel and machined to fine finish and have simple harmonic motion profile to lift bottles smoothly to filling valve. The filling valve works on gravity filling system but has AIR EXHAUST system which removes stagnant air from the bottle to outside atmosphere and do not allow bottle air to mix with ozone atmosphere in filler tank. The top of the filling bowl/tank is fitted with central manifold to connect all filling valves to single line vent pipe, which can be piped to outside of the filling room. To the same vent pipe reverse flow CIP liquid is connected by isolation butterfly valve. The filling bowl is fitted with Electro-Magnetic type level controller to regulate water level in the bowl through pneumatic ON-OFF valve.

The vent tube is adjustable so the fill level in the bottle to be set as per the individual shape of the bottle


The bottle is then transferred to the pick and place type screw capper. Here the cap is picked up by the adjustable torque chuck and firmly tightened onto the bottle mouth. The capping chucks are finest quality precision component fitted with magnetic torque controlling coupling. This eliminates heat generation which normally occurs in friction type coupling in the chucks Flexible segmented cap holder picks up the caps. This compensates minor variation in cap diameter occurring due to long storage of caps in boxes.

The capping torque can be set between 8 to 16 inch pound with minimum of time and set torque is maintained consistently. The cap delivery chute has a built-in cap washing system. The cap will not be picked up if there is no bottle hence there will be no wastage of caps.



  • The cap delivery is from a hopper based on the ground level making loading of caps easier and also ensures the cap is delivered the right side up to the cap rinsing system.
  • The capping turret is of a pick and place type which delivers the cap to the holder, this leads to improved cap tightening at high speeds.
  • There is a cap rinser in the delivery chute from the hopper to the capping star wheel
  • that insures any contaminants during storage of the cap are removed.
  • The elevator cap hopper is placed on the floor level and so makes material handling and cap loading easier.
  • The chute from hopper to capper has sensors in place to ensure that when the chute is full elevator motor stops. If the caps are not delivered till low level of chute- the machine will stop and show alarm signal on panel.
  • There is a no bottle- no cap system in place to prevent wastage of caps.
  • There is an ejector mechanism in each capping chuck in case the cap is picked up
  • when there is no bottle.
  • Prevents Breakage of Seal of cap as in case of rotary cap Sorter.
  • Prevents Plastic dust due to Friction between caps during sorting.

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