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The BEVERAGE MIXER is a compact and continuous mixing unit for the automatic production of Carbonated Beverage. The system is based on the two stage Degassing principle combined with the latest technologies in the mixing and Carbonation field.
A multi-stage beverage homogenisation system guarantee high standard quality of the final result. Free-foam filling is guaranteed by the excellent water deaerating values and the defined syrup beverage control. Syrup dosed in the water pipe train by high-precision magnetic flow meter.


• Syrup & Water dosing system with magnetic flowmeter.
• In line CO2 dosing system with mass flowmeter.
• Fully automatic operation controlled by PC unit, complete with operator interface panel 15” touch-screen.
• Frequency controlled pumps.
• High hygenic design: all couplings are thread less, trapless, gapless to easy cleaning and provide the highest sanitation.
• Highest final product standard in terms of final quality, accuracy and repeatability.
• Product flow control by means of level regulating system in the buffer tank.
• Infinitely adjustable outflow quantity to the filler between 25% and 100%.
• Gentle product handling.
• Economical use of space thanks to the space-saving tank horizontal arrangement.
• Very easy logistic: machines packable in container for fast installation and commissioning.
• Reduced gas consumption through capacity control in accordance with the level in the carbonation tank
• Optimum, automatic quick changeover system for product flavour change.
Final product performance:

• Carbonation range: 1,5 ÷ 4,5 V/V
• Standard mixing ratio: from 1:4 up to 1:10
• CO2 control accuracy: ± 0,05 V/V or better in any condition
• Brix control accuracy: ± 0,1 °Bx or better in any condition
• Residual oxygen in the final beverage: < 0,2 ppm
• Outflow rangeability: 1:3

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